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Natural Coloured Diamonds

Cognac Marquise Granulation
Cognac Radiant Granulation
Granulation Seven with Cognac Diamond in White Gold
Radiant Cognac Diamond Azura in Rose Gold
Fancy Coloured Pear Cluster
Fancy Coloured Pave Ring
Fancy Coloured Open Wire Ring White Gold
Fancy Coloured Open Wire Ring Yellow Gold
22ct Gold Cognac & Black Diamond Ring
Cognac Radiant with Argyle Pink Hearts
Champagne Diamond with Pink Argyle Hearts
Rare Blue & Pink Argyle Diamonds
Natural Argyle Pink Deco Ring
D Flawless & Rare Pink Diamond Star
Argyle Pink Princess Cut Diamond Ring
Cushion Diamond with Argyle Pink Hearts
Argyle Pink Gypsy Set Diamond Band
Natural Argyle Pink and White Diamond Band
Granulation Three with Cognac Diamond
Cognac Avenza Three
Granulation Seven with Cognac Diamond
Cognac Diamond Azura
Channel Set Band with Cognac Diamonds
Wide Floral Ring with Cognac and Black Diamonds
Wide Rimmed Ring with Natural Coloured Diamonds
Black & Orange Diamond Pave Ring
Fancy Yellow Diamond Azena
Cognac & Red Earth Pendant with Rare Opal Beads
Skink Brooch with Black Diamonds
Natural Coloured Diamond Pendants on Onyx Beads


Diamonds occur naturally in a wide variety of colours. Such 'fancy' coloured diamonds are extremely rare, and are continually gaining popularity. The majority of coloured diamonds are sourced from the Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia. At Michael Wilson we often have unique one off pieces featuring natural coloured diamonds. Please contact us for availability or visit the gallery to view our current range.